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Wednesday, May 08, 2002


Hey there loyal Toonami fans, would you like to help make news posts for this site? There are some requirements to meet though. You must at least have some anime and Toonami knowledge. You don't really have to know HTML. The truth is I'm a little busy sometimes, and I can't post news every day. So if you think you would be good for the job, email me. My email addy is below. The most that will be taken on is two people. So if you want to join the site, hurry up and contact me. Thanks.

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Well its been slow for a while. But no news is good news right? NO..wrong! Toonami needs to get off their lazy ass and premier something worth watching. NOT a Hamster show! But anyways, here's whats going on:

- Toonami is going all the way back to the old episodes of Dragonball Z. Your going to see the old stuff you havn't seen in years. I gotta tell ya, I'll be watching. So if you havn't seen them, they're still new to you. So check'em out.

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